Uzima Publishing House

Our Vision

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Our Corporate Objectives

- To contribute to the worship of God.
- To encourage personal faith in Christ.
- To equip Christians for life and service.
- To provide books that meet human need in the wider community.
- To develop Christian African authorship.

Our Core Values

1. Excellence
- In personal discipline and quality work.
2. Honour God
- By demonstrating honesty in what I say and do.
- By acquiring knowledge that will enable me perform my duties efficiently, with commitment and dedication.

For Information and Service
Uzima Publishing House
Imani House, St. Johns Gate, 2nd Floor
P O Box 48127-00100 Nairobi, Kenya
Tel +254-20-2110 239 or +254-20-2116 816

The Current Situation

Uzima Publishing House is a publisher and distributor of Christian Literature, based at Imani House in Nairobi's central business district.The company is headed by a Board of Directors and assisted by the General Manager, who is the chief executive of the company, together with a Management team consisting of an Editorial Manager, Sales and Marketing Manager and Finance Manager. Since its inception, over 235 titles have been published of which worship and family life books have made the greatest impact. Many of these titles are reprinted annually due to high demand.

Uzima Staff

Mr.Clement Ouko - General Manager, The General Manager ensures that Company Objectives are met.
Mr. Hesbon Magomere - Finance Manager,
Mr. Joel Kichwen - Sales and Marketing Manager,
Mrs. Anitah Nyambok - Senior Editor, Пожелания за рожден ден Пожелания за рожден ден Calendar Ortodox 2017 Urari de multi ani

Christian Education

A Theology of Sexuality in Marriage A discussion which follows the presupposition that both sex and marriage are God’s ideas. Topics discussed include singleness, loneliness, African sexuality and marriage Product Details... Building Effective Worship Teams A Significant contribution to the understanding of worship in the church and in which the author teaches leaders to equip worship teams in their churches to lead successful worship services. Product Details... Christian Ethics in the African Context Should Christians approve of war, violent revolutions, divorce, abortion or sex before marriage? Should they take part in politics or join in strikes? The author seeks to address these and other issues on Christian Ethics. Product Details... Church and Politics in East Africa The author seeks to show reasons for Christian involvement in, and the Christian attitude towards subjects such as development, tribalism, corruption, church and state, crime and punishment, democracy and the indigenisation of the Church. Product Details... Church and State in Nation Building and Human Development For people to participate in nation building, they have to participate in decision-making. The book is recommended for all church leaders and Christians concerned with the welfare of their nation. Product Details... Islam and Christianity Millions of Muslims and Christians are neighbours, yet they seldom witness to each other. This book is an attempt by a Muslim and a Christian to witness and to listen. The issues they deal with are vital to our understanding of both faiths Product Details... Journeys of the Muslim Nation and the Christian Church Islam and Christianity often appear at opposite and unbridgeable poles, both committed to world mission. Given the political tension and violent acts that have surrounded these two major world religions, it is essential for both sides to understand the ot Product Details...

We Publish Books For Life!

In response to the need for Christian literature, the Anglican Church of Kenya set up Uzima Press changed its name to Uzima Publishing House on 3rd December 2004 in a strategic realignment of its mission.

Uzima Staff

Our international partners, who sponsor our books and publishing:

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